Overcoming the Obstacles that keep us from Owning our LIves

Right now, where all of us are, there is hope for a better future if only we would allow God to guide our lives. What keeps us from listening to him? What voices and circumstances vie for your attention? Today we are talking about overcoming and cultivating the lives we have right now so that we can thrive or years to come.

Intentionally Learning to Own Your LIfe

Do you get away to plan? Take time to ponder and consider the areas of your life that are dry or need attention? What about all the goals and dreams you hold that fade without cultivation? In this episode we discuss how to make a plan for your life and include questions to ask yourself today!

Taking charge of our circumstances to write a great life story

We must not let our circumstances steer the direction of our hearts, but we must build into our lives so that in all things, we are able to praise God and cultivate the story He has written for us.

Expressing Love through APpreciation and Honor

Most of us are quick to express appreciation to our friends and honor to those we esteem, but do we bestow those same gifts as readily to our children? Its important that  we are always seeking to see and understand and appreciate our children's stages of development as well as their dificulties.

Giving into Spring Fever might be the most spiritual thing you can do!

We are all itching to play, to roam, to get outside and embrace the sun. As a mom, one of the best things you can do is embrace this season!

Bedtime discipleship

One of the times of day that can feel the most hurried to us as moms, can also be the most holy. How do you tuck in your children each night? Is it with  a heart of benediction and blessing or with frustration? Let's learn to tread this holy ground together.

Seeing mealtimes as special training ground

Mealtimes happen three times each and every day in our children's lives....that is a lot of opportunity to make memories that form your family's culture and to grasp hold of teachable moments. Here are some of our favorite ideas for meals, and what is cooking in our own kitchens right now.

Building a Long Term Perspective of Wisdom

If our children lack Biblical conviction, they will go the way of culture....as will we as mamas! We're talking today about the root of wisdom, where to find it and how to get it, for ourselves and for our kids.


In this episode we are talking about honor, the heart of manners and how our interactions with others are shaped by how we show them that they matter to us.



Do you feel like you've blown it? Maybe like your life and motherhood are beyond repair? Today is the day to take heart and take hope for the future.


When we have a large vision and understanding for who our children are, and who God created them to be, our own hearts towards them are transformed. 


Hospitality doesn't have to lead to overwhelm. Real hospitality is simply about inviting someone into your world, into your heart and letting them know you have prepared a place or them.


What are the anchors of your day that your children can expect and depend on? Practical markers are an important part of how we give our children security and keep ourselves sane!



Is there something hanging on in your soul and weighing you down? Our hearts need a clean out just like our closets! Let's take stock today and get our hearts ready for Spring.


What does it mean to train our children? And further more, why is it important and how do we even begin? This episode explores the heart of teaching, training and reaching our children's hearts for eternity through practical, daily rhythms.




If we want to see our children grow and mature in their faith, what are the foundations and practices we must be intentional about in their early years? How can we develop a family culture that shows our children the Kingdom of Heaven?

The gift of inspiration

Our children must have a large vision, a picture of the world, history, story, and their place in the narrative. Today we are talking about the gift of giving them inspiration and imagination.

Discipleship with Grace

The work of reaching and cultivating the hearts of our children is not just one of teaching morality, but it is forged in giving grace and initiating loving patterns of attachment and connection, as we model our own lives after the life of Christ.

discipleship is heart work

Discipleship is a vocation of love and  work of the heart. Cultivating the hearts of our children is a trust built on relationship that takes an incredible amount of time and intention. We're talking about the how and why of discipleship in this episode.

Homeschooling with love grace and excellence part 2

Continuing the discussion on homeschooling by faith, understanding how our children learn, how we can reach their hearts and minds and develop excellence.

Homeschooling with Love Grace and Excellence part 1

When we are overwhelmed, it's easy to  look to experts, to printed pages, and outside voices as an authority on how to nurture our children's education. In this episode we give real life, real encouragement on homeschooling by faith.






Keeping Your Soul Alive So You Can Thrive

What makes you come alive? How can you take time each day, each week, each month and each year to fill up and refresh so that you have life to pour out to those in your care? We're talking all about how to keep our souls alive in this episode!


Investing IN Your Heart and soul

Developing a heart for our families begins with investing in in our own. Do you see your own heart as valuable? Are you cultivating your own soul? Let's dive into what is essential to pour into our hearts today. 


At Home With Sally Clarkson and kristen Kill

Welcome to our new podcast! We are so excited to begin a journey into the heart of motherhood with you here each week!