Hi, I'm Kristen.

I'm a woman transformed by the delight of God. I'm especially hopeful for women who feel stretched thin like me, because that tension is where we can learn to live expectant for the music and melody of love that God is singing over of each one of us. And so I write a lot about what life looks like when we are and pulled in different directions or living in seasons of waiting and in between. 

I love encouraging other writers too. Perhaps you've found me by way of The Better Mom where I serve as a contributing Editor. Or you might have heard me co-hosting the  At Home With Sally and Friends podcast with one of my mentors and dearest friends, Sally Clarkson. Our conversations about faith and motherhood are one of my favorite things to bring to this world online. We can't even believe that to date over five million people have downloaded our show. Five Million! We'd be honored to have you join us too! 

Most days my life is pretty ordinary. If you stopped by you'd likely find me attempting to cook up something new, putting off the cleaning to decorate instead, and homeschooling four of my hilarious children while texting with my girl at college all day long. I love coffee and gingerbread and staying up late with my nose in a mystery. I believe there is something sacred in lighting candles and inviting others to sit at my table. 

After spending the seven years in the hustle of New York City, my husband, Josh, and I are learning to go slow as we raise our family and walk our anxious hound dog in the Pacific Northwest.


Hope doesn't ever stop, but it sure can feel hard to find.


When I didn't know the words, hope belted out a wild number still, like a siren call, inviting me into a life of feasting and beauty and rest- a feathered life- hidden under the wing of the one who sings over me with great delight and love.


I know great hope is perching on your heart too, some days we just need to be reminded of the chorus.


Let's sing together.