That something you've been looking for in the empty stress of your mad-dash days? It has a name.

I was burnt out, exhausted, and depressed.  I could pose with the best of them, hiding away in busy, lost in my inner discord, and I even let the rhythm of New York City take me for a wild spin, but my life was all a loud hum and no peace. When I read the Psalms, one little word sparked an idea that began to change me.


The rest that seemed to bolster the faith and trust of the psalmists was about to do the same in me. I was about to learn that running to rest was not about running away from my life and all that exhausted me, but was about running into the arms of a Person.

We are all made to find Selah. It is our starting place. Let's find it together. 


About the book


The Psalms call it selah—the pause, rest, or interlude between the notes in a song. More than merely an empty space, selah is a chance to stop and resync with the story and song of God. For all the ways life keeps you running, this word and practice offers a way to re-center yourself on the One who holds all things together and makes all things beautiful.

Stretched beyond her capacity in caring for a large family in the middle of Manhattan, Kristen Kill was exhausted, depressed, and desperate for a change. Then something sparked within her when she read the Psalms, and found that often all that stood between the psalmist’s cries for help and celebrations of praise was this simple word, selah.


Join Kristen in Finding Selah for a journey that will transform the way you think about work, rest, and the little spaces in between that make all the difference. This book will show you how to tune your ear to the song God is singing over you, embrace the “selah moments” able to transform your daily rhythms, and most of all, encounter the ultimate Selah in Christ, who stands in the gap between heaven and your most hectic of days. There is hope for the dissonance you feel. Finding Selah will show you not only how to sing a new song, but to live a new way.


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"I always knew that when I spent time with Kristen, I would always leave feeling deeply loved, accepted for who I was even though she knew my faults. Giggling together over silly moments, drinking gallons of coffee, speaking of every aspect of life from lipstick to raising godly children, I realized that I had a treasure in finding a friend like her. Not only did she make me feel loved as I was, but she always called me to be my best self.  I found in her solace for my anxious thoughts, affirmation for my ideals and passion for God that always made me want to be more faithful, and more willing to walk in His love.

As I came to know her deeply, I understood that she had walked through many dark nights in her own personal story.  Yet, like the golden light dancing the first evening I met her, she always found a way to sparkle, to find light, to trust God, to learn from the deep hurts and struggles in her life. From these daunting places, she learned so sympathize with and create refuge for others who also walked in dark place but needed to find light amidst their darkness. She extends peace through the storms, and a contagious love for a heavenly Father who will walk with her each step till she sees Him face to face.

As you read her words, you will find a friend who welcomes you, a companion who sympathizes with and understands failures and struggles in life, one who inspires you to dance while choosing to find joy, and an advocate who gives you the grace to find rest, hope and peace in your own journey."

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